Higher ecological objectives produce superior heating and cooling efficiency

The challenge

Utilise the opportunities afforded by a new build to fulfil the homeowners’ specific goals with unique technical features and strict adherence to ecological principles, including, wherever possible, the use of solely regionally-sourced, ecological building products. The homeowners desired building materials with ecolabels, such as The Blue Angel, natureplus© and high energy-efficiency ratings. 

Our solution

Build walls and roof using natural products to ensure the structures are diffusion-open. Use GUTEX Thermowall® (60 mm) with exterior application of earth-toned render to cover and protect the timber frame construction. Insulate the roof with 60-mm GUTEX Ultratherm® rain- and wind-tight sarking. Besides significantly increasing protection against the cold in winter and soundproofing, the insulation performs superbly in the summer, keeping the bedrooms and playroom on the top floor pleasant while maintaining a very comfortable climate throughout the entire house.

Project features

Heating: geothermal heat pump, heat recovery ventilation
Electrical: shielded installation of electrical systems, automatic power cut off
Interior: all building materials are as solvent-free as possible; emission standard: E 0 or E 1

Heated house volume: 651 m3
Net floor area: 208.3 m2
Annual primary energy source usage (as per EnEV abbr.: QP): 37.8 kWh (m2a)
Heat transfer/loss (HT):  0.244 W/ (m2K)
Roof U-value: 0.18 W/ (m2K)
Wall U-value: 0.15 W/ (m2K)
Blower door test: n50 = 0.45/h

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